Aged 4-7 What Can My Child Do?

We have a number of options available for a variety of different styles of Dance, Drama and Singing.


 Basic Gymnastics 

This class teaches basic gymnastic skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, walkovers etc.

The class also works on flexibility and strength which is not only fun, but also provides the children with skills which enhance their dance ability. We have excellent gymnastic mats which were provided by the WTS parents association. This gives a safe and comfortable environment for the children to earn these new and exciting skills!

As the children become more advanced we are linked to Wirral Gymnastic Club in Birkenhead. We have a private class for WTS dancers to begin learning tumbling etc with the use of the full gymnastic facilities and highly qualified gymnastic coaches.

Street Dance

This class is fun and energetic. Teaching the children the popular Street dance style using appropriate popular music. (We don’t use inappropriate music, they grow up too fast as it is!!)

This class is great for fun and fitness.

We now have a great number of boys in this class who have fun  learning a new skill. 

There is an opportunity for the children to take IDTA exams in Street dance if they wish to do so. (Not compulsory to progress)

Junior Musical Theatre

This class is an introduction the drama and singing, known together as Musical Theatre.

The skills developed in this class are not only fun and exciting, but a great start to their development of life skills. Having the confidence to talk in front of a group (and a IDTA examiner or show audience if they wish to do so).

Many children who start off shy are singing alone, or saying lines in drama pieces which they never thought they’d have the confidence to do.

No child is ever forced to speak alone as we are aware of every child’s individual personality and pace to develop these skills. They are made to feel comfortable and relaxed this gives them the confidence to progress at their pace.

Once we identify that a child is ready, they can then choose to progress to our full 3 hour Saturday production team (Usually aged 6/7).


This class is to develop the ballet and tap skills required to succeed in dance, whether it be for fun, or later at a much more competitive and professional level.

Children have the opportunity to take IDTA exams up to 3 times a year.

Class groups are determined by a combination of age and abilities. Children of this age group develop at varied rates. Some have been with us since age 2 and have maybe already mastered lots of basic skills, where a 6 year old may join us having never skipped.

We always see children as individuals, and when they are ready to move into a new class having successfully developed all of the appropriate skills in both ballet and tap, we will speak to individual parents. Some children may be ready sooner than others, but we feel it is important to get the timing correct to benefit the safe training of your child.

We are always happy to discuss any concerns over a child’s placement in a group to give you a clear understanding of our decisions. Once a child has been placed in a group this is subject to change as required to give them the correct beneficial training.

Competition Group Class

This is a fun class which teaches the children a group performance number which is then taken to two local dance competitions. 

It is important that you can commit to perform at both events, the first is expected to be Easter end of term, and Whitt week.

They are then often invited to perform at other events such as Garden Fetes, and some primary school events.

This group is a lovely opportunity for friends to come together and feel like part of a team. It teaches them how to work together, show commitment and also gives them much more experience in performing to an audience.

This is open to anyone from age 5, although they must be able to show a disciplined approach to learning, which for some may still be developing.

We also have private tuition available from age 4 for those wishing to compete in dance festivals as a soloist. Speak to a teacher if you are interested

** See our “Festival Page” coming soon**