Aged 2-4 What Can My Child Do?

We have a class on Saturday morning 9.15-9.45


This class teaches the basic skills required for ballet, but it also develops musicality, confidence and discipline.


The class is based on fun to music and involves the use of scarves, ribbons, bean bags , maracas and more.

There is clear structure and discipline hidden underneath the fun.

The class teaches technique without them realising it, this goes against the typical ballet class structure of standing in lines as we don’t believe in restricting their creativity and individuality.

We strongly believe in children exploring their own character, and passion for movement, music and dance. This is proven to be successful when you see the standard of creative work higher in the school.

When the children start full time school, although some prefer to stay in this class for an extra term until they are settled, they have the option to try new classes as shown in our 4-7 page.

Always speak to a teacher if you feel your child is not in the correct class and we will always give you an honest and experienced review of their current abilities and progress and make suitable suggestions.