Age 6-8 What Can My Child Do?

These are some of the classes which are suitable for children aged 6-8. Ages are a rough guide. Don’t forget that every child is unique and so we always do our best to find the correct class for you and your child.

  •  Gymnastics
  •  Street Dance
  • Tap & Theatre Modern Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Group Competition Class 
  • Classical Greek
  •  Tap
  • Modern Jazz
  •  Musical Theatre dance
  • Musical Theatre Drama & Singing (on hold)
  • Acro

Speak to a teacher or email if you are unsure of which classes may be suitable.

Competition Group Class

This is a fun class which teaches the children a group performance number which is then taken to two local dance competitions.

It is important that you can commit to perform at both events, the first is expected to be Easter end of term ,and Whitt week.

They are then often invited to perform at other events such as Burton Garden Fete, and some primary school events.

This group is a lovely opportunity for friends to come together and feel like part of a team. It teaches them how to work together, show commitment and also gives them much more experience in performing to an audience.

This is open to anyone from age 5, although they must be able to show a disciplined approach to learning, which for some may still be developing.

We also have private tuition available from age 4 for those wishing to compete in dance festivals as a soloist. Speak to a teacher if you are interested

** See our “Festival Page” coming soon**