Half Term Dates

Half Term Dates 2018-2019

October Half Term

Classes Finish 12.30 Saturday 27th October

Classes Recommence 4.00 Monday 5th November

December End Of Term

Term Ends after classes on Saturday 15th December

Registration Friday 4th January

Classes Commence Monday 7th January

(Fees are due this week)

February Half Term

Classes finish 13.00 Saturday 16th February

Classes Recommence Monday 25th February

April Spring Break

Classes finish 13.00 Saturday 30th March

Registration & Start of Classes Monday 15th April

(Fees are due this week)


WTS will remain open during Bank Holidays to allow all children equal number of classes within a term

May Half Term (2 Weeks)

Classes finish 13.00 Saturday 25th May

Classes Recommence Monday 10th June

End of Summer Term

Classes finish 13.00 Saturday 20th July